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CC "Gomellift" has been working on Belarus lift service market since 1968 and it is one of the biggest lift companies in Belarus. This company renders delivery, mounting, maintenance, repair, modernization and lift replacement services for numerous customers all over Belarus, in number of Russian and Ukraine regions.

At present CC "Gomellift" has two subsidiary companies – "Lift-Ex" (Gomel), which produces means of lift supervisory control ("СДК-256") and a company "Poleslift", which is engaged in lift mounting and maintenance service in Mozyr and Polesye area of Gomel region.

CC "Gomellift" has Mozyr, Svetlogorsk, Rechitsa, Rogachev, Minsk branch offices in Belarus.

Labour staff is more than 500 workers.

The company is headquartered in Gomel, where almost all lifts are controlled by our workers.

Minsk representative was set up in 1997. At present we service more than 160 units of lift and escalator equipment.

Among objects, where we have mounted (upgraded, restored) lifts or/and escalators OTIS, there are: High-Tech Park, Hotel on Golovatskogo str. in Gomel, building creative association "National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus", Gomel state puppet show building, Minsk-Princess-Hotel, educational institution "Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer", hotel "Tourist" (Minsk), escalators and lifts in Palace of the Republic of Belarus, lifts in dwelling house on Krasnoarmeiskaya str. 22a, "LUKOIL", Ukraine embassy, business centers and supermarkets, etc.

Altogether our companies service more than 3,8 thousand lifts at more than 500 customers.

Since 1990 CC "Gomellift" has been a constitutor and a member of Business alliance and employers’ organization named after professor M. Kynyavski.

In 2007-2009 CC "Gomellift" adopted management system standard ISO 9001:2000 as well as control system standard OHSAS 18001:1999. Our company has possibilities for creating in Belarus and other countries joint enterprises for further increasing trade of services and production of our company. For this purpose we study possibilities of finding partners in other regions and offer our possibilities and knowledge in lift business for joint collaboration. Lifts will never break down with us!

In December 2007 CC "Gomellift" was conferred the rank of "THE LEADER OF NATIONAL ECONOMY" by International Business Council.

 Republic of Belarus 246034, Gomel, ul.Vladimirova, 8 Tel: +375 232 216-401; Fax: +375 232 216-439 

E-mail: gml@tut.by, info@gomellift.by